Evaluating The Challenges Of Conducting Qualitative Research Essay

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Evaluate the challenges of conducting qualitative Research The challenges are different for qualitative research than for the quantitative research process. Each stage has different major characteristics and can be explored when the researcher does not know the variables. The main characteristics are as follows: collecting data from a lesser number of participants where the data is based on words rather than from numbers, exploring a central phenomenon and justifying a problem with the literature review section, recording the participant’s experiences by stating the research questions in a broad way or the purpose of the study in general terms, and evaluating and reporting the data with flexible structures that emerge. Phenomenon’s can be explored when little is known about the subject of the study. Exploration and understanding is a key when studying a phenomenon in a qualitative research (Creswell, 2012). According to Madrigal and McClain (2012), qualitative research requires flexibility. As the researcher proceeds to gather information data emerges and can be considered a form of naturalistic observation which would include structured interviews or ethnography. The researcher observes the behavior, needs, opinions and patterns of the participants. Even when information is determined to be important the researcher still does not know what will be meaningful to the study. Trends will be considered and located within the data. Statistical analysis does not apply…

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