Evaluating Diverse School Models Essay examples

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Examining Diverse School Models School A School B Differences/Similarities identified between schools. Points to consider.
Interviewee School Brook County High School The Bridge
Juvenile Detention School
Type of School Public Juvenile Detention The major difference between the two school is the situation the student are in. (A) is for youth inmates, while the (B) is a public school
Total Population/Demographics 643 students Indian 1, 0.2 %
Asian 4, 0.6 %
Hispanic 43, 6.7 %
Black 345, 53.7 %
White 237, 36.9 %
Two or More Ethnicities 13 2.0 % 90(fluctuate ) students Black , 65%
Hispanic , 10%
White , 25% Percentage wise, the demographic is similar with School (A) and (B). However, the population in school (A) is larger than (B).
Student to Teacher Ratio 14.5 to 1 10.0 to 1 Educators in both schools have a low student ratio. The likely reason for this is the location of school (A) being in a rural area instead of an urban area. School (B) in the detention center student ratio is determined by the court instead of the district population.
Key Issues Facing Poor testing scores in Math,
Technology availability Budget shortcoming, Drug Treatment availability, technology availability. Due to the natural of the student in school (B) the availability of technology is prohibited. Although, technology such as computer or media center is more accessible in schools (A), it still lacks adequate funding to service all students consistently.
Role of…

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