Evaluate The Usefulness Of Qualitative Research

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In this written report I will be explaining how to validate information about Competitors. In a sales role one of the biggest things you'll face is competition as there are always other brands selling the same product. For this reason understanding your competitors, what methods they use and how they sell will be a key factor in ultimately helping you make your product stand out more.

How and where to source information about competitors
There are many different ways to keep track of your competitors and to learn about them. In a sales role, this is easier to do as all the competitors are selling to the same person. Customers will always try and compare the product they are buying to another to see which one is right for them. This is what makes it easier to asses your competitors as their product is available to the public so as a sales person, you can see the product yourself.

You could search the competitors website or read articles about them or even customer online reports. This gives you the
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This is because this is the easiest form of gathering information. It can be measured in graphs and charts and is very effective for gathering simple information. However that is the issue with Quantitative research, it is only useful for finding simple information out. Quantitative research can't really be adapted for finding out things that require detail as the majority of questions are closed questions and it is very hard to alter this to find out certain information. The purpose of Quantitative research is the opposite of Qualitative, it's all based on fact rather than opinion as it can be measured into charts and graphs. This allows the sales person to measure and analyse the data they are collecting and ensure that its is under a controlled subject. However it is hard to cover everything you'll need answered using closed

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