Euthanasia Should The Practice Of Euthanasia Be Legal? Essays

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Euthanasia Should the practice of Euthanasia be legal?
The use of Euthanasia in the medical field has been a long debated topic and is still subject to controversy among today’s society. Gallup’s survey reveals that 68 percent of Americans hold that the practice of assisted suicide should be permissible by law. Because majority support does not necessarily express ideality, one must consider the effects of euthanasia in a holistic fashion to make viable conclusions. The use of euthanasia as a medical solution to undesired problems should not be legal in any form: The use of euthanasia diminishes the clear line of medicated treatment and medical abuse as well as influences individuals to devalue life and defiles the natural course of life.
For an individual to fabricate an appropriate viewpoint of euthanasia, background knowledge and understanding of the word must first be established. The practice of Euthanasia dates back to ancient Greek times. People at this time often used lethal poison to end their life in the event of a personal dilemma such as terminal illness. The word euthanasia is “derived from the ancient Greek word ‘euthanatos’, meaning, a good death” (Source H). This definition of euthanasia is loosely defined and does not provide the underlying details that are true to the practice. Details…

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