Euthanasia Should Not Be Legal Essay

1305 Words Dec 11th, 2015 6 Pages
If people have the right to live, do we also have the right to die? This question is what brought controversy to the situation concerning mercy killing. Today, mercy killing, properly known as euthanasia, is a term used when terminally ill patients request to be killed by doctors. Some countries contain laws regulating euthanasia, while other countries keep a neutral stance on the issue. However, people against the legalization of mercy killing fear for the possible consequences brought from it. People supporting euthanasia strongly believe in the “right to die” and our personal decisions of our lives. Despite their rights, mercy killing has many consequences that not only affect the patient, but anyone involved with the patient. As a result, euthanasia should stay illegal to prevent any abuse to the practice or any negative feelings to those involved. One main concern regarding euthanasia is whether the patient or family decides on the fate of the patient. Laws in other foreign countries tend to specify the patients right to choose whether they want to live or die. However, this law disregards relatives or anyone close to the patient, which may react negatively to the patient’s decision on ending their life. For example, in the case involving Terri Schiavo, a woman suffering in a coma, her husband decided to remove her feeding tube without the consent of her parents. As a result, her parents fought a battle to keep her alive, which unfortunately lost, and witnessed the…

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