Euthanasia Should Not Be A Euthanasia Essay

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Permitting Active Euthanasia

Many people all over the world either currently suffer or will suffer from a terminally ill disease. When dealing with these situations, is it right to only give the patient the option to stop treatment and agonize until death? Or, is it right to end their suffering earlier through lethal injection? Terminally ill patients should not be forced to suffer; therefore, active euthanasia should, at times, be permissible.
To determine whether or not active euthanasia is worse than passive euthanasia, one must question, is there a morally relevant difference between killing and letting die? To answer this, consider this example of John and James, both in similar situations. Each of the men have a cousin around six years old, and if their cousin were to pass away, each of the men would inherent a substantial sum of money. In the first situation, the young boy is taking a bath and John comes into the bathroom and drowns the child, then proceeds to make it look as if it were an accident. In the second situation, James is about to walk into the bathroom to kill the child when the boy slips, hits his head, and falls face first into the bathtub. Then, as the child drowns, James watches delightfully, thinking of his financial gain.
In court, John would get charged for murder for killing the boy, whereas James would not because he merely let the child die. Now, from a moral point of view, did either of these men act…

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