Euthanasi The Pros And Cons Of Assisted Suicide

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John Roberts, an Oregon resident, shot his wife Virginia with a gun. Virginia had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and wanted to die. She did not want to go through the process that is mandatory to get suicidal drugs. As a result, she asked her husband to end her life right then and there, and he did. Now the issue at hand is this: should this be considered murder or just an act of love that should be deemed the same as the assisted suicide drug? Assisted suicide, or euthanasia, has been a hot topic around the world as of late. Assisted suicide, while controversial, involves the individual, family members and society as a whole, with moral and ethical implications. Assisted suicide has just started to come to the forefront of the world’s …show more content…
First off, there are pros of assisted suicide. One of the pros of assisted suicide is that it allows those who are suffering from terrible diseases to be “put out of their misery.” On top of allowing those to end their suffering, it allows people to die a noble death rather than having to live a humiliating life dependent upon other people. On the other hand, one con of assisted suicide is that as a society we dishonor our duty to hold human life to a high regard (Andre). Another con to assisted suicide, is that down the road it may lead to legalized murder. Although this may be a little far-fetched to some, to others assisted suicide is just a “pit-stop” on the way to legalized murder (Top 10). Just like there are pros and cons to assisted suicide there are also pros and cons to the preservation of life. The pros and cons of preservation of life are basically direct opposites of those of assisted suicide. For example, one pro of preservation of life is that we honor that duty to hold human life to a high regard (Top 10). In contrast, a con to preservation of life is that we force those in extreme pain to live a humiliating and suffer-filled life (Andre). One thing is for sure, whatever route the world decides to take, whether it be to legalize or ban assisted suicide, both sides have their pros and …show more content…
Although the answer to this question is no, there are many religions who have several varying views on the topic of assisted suicide. Some of the world’s major religions include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Christianity views assisted suicide with the utmost disgust. Christians would look to the Bible for guidance and evidence supporting their views against assisted suicide. Verses such as Romans 14:8, Genesis 2:7, and Deuteronomy 30:19 speak directly to the divinity of God and how our lives belong to him and the taking of lives does not fall into the realm of our responsibilities. Continuing on, Islamics are also completely against assisted suicide. Islamics would say that life belongs to Allah, similar to the way that Christians view that life belongs to God. Therefore, since Islamics believe that life belongs to Allah they believe that only Allah should be able to give and take life. Unlike Christians and Islamics, Buddhists are not uniform in their views on assisted suicide. In the Buddhist religion, Buddha showed acceptance towards the monks who committed suicide. Also in the Buddhist religion, there are many stories of

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