Euthanasi Murder Or Compassion? Essay

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Kayleigh Rosson
Mrs. White
Research paper
26 April, 2016
Euthanasia: Murder or Compassion? Even though Euthanasia is still illegal in England, King George V was euthanized. According to at issue, from SIRS database, The Euthanasia is also referred to a mercy killing, the suicide of a terminally ill patient or someone with an incurable condition with the help of a doctor. Across most of the world Euthanasia is illegal. In the United States, Euthanasia is considered a homicide case. Assisted suicide is just a little different than Euthanasia, in assisted suicide the doctor can provide you the correct tools for the suicide, but he/she cannot assist in the actual doing of the deed. Assisted suicide is legal in 3 states, Oregon, Washington, and Montana. The supporters of Euthanasia figure the act is a humane way for terminally ill patients to end their life on their own terms. People that agree with the act of Euthanasia figure that it is murder, and it violates the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors. This paper will examine the pro, con, and my viewpoint on Euthanasia. Euthanasia should be an option so the terminally ill do not have to suffer needless pain. The Hippocratic Oath is nearly 2000 years old, with barley any relevance to modern medicine. Firstly, how do we define “harm”? The history of medicine is filled with doctors causing unnecessary harm. For example, Ken Murray of Los Angeles Times shares that to end morning sickness doctors administered thalidomide, causing…

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