Euthanasi An Act Of An Person 's Life Essay

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Euthanasia - an act of intentionally ending a terminally ill person 's life, given that it is agreed upon as more “humane” than letting him suffer.
Active Euthanasia - euthanasia performed by exposing the patient to drugs, gas or other substances that would lead to a lethal outcome.
Passive Euthanasia - euthanasia in which the physicians responsible for the patient intentionally refrain from action and cut off any forms of life support.

Intro: The history of euthanasia begins in the ancient greece, back when it was completely socially acceptable. Only in the 12th century it was brought up and highly opposed by most religious groups, and is still under debate today, which is why it is so important to the development of our society - it is literally as vital matter. A study made by Rihards Poļaks, a student of the Latvian University of Faculty of Law, attempts to research the following:

“1. to find out linkage deputy of religions, physicians and lawyers arguments “for” and “against” legalization of euthanasia; (main)
2. to find out the aspects of the existing confrontation between linkage specialist in the own groups, and also in terms of mutual interchange.” (secondary)

Why we chose this topic and significance to society We chose this topic partially because it was interesting to our group, so we wanted to research this matter out of pure curiosity, and partially because the study helped us see the use of several research methods to investigate said matter. The…

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