Essay on Euthanasi A Controversial Topic

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Euthanasia is known as assisted suicide and is a very controversial topic in the United States at this time. This means physician-assisted suicide and means to take a deliberate action with the intention of ending a life to relieve suffering of an individual (Nordqvist, 2016). It is an extremely debated topic and has lots of components in the argument. One of the biggest places debates are taking place right now is the state governments. There are two main types of Euthanasia, including voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary is when the patient gives consent to end their life, but involuntary is when someone else made the decision because the patient is not capable of making the choice for themselves. Euthanasia has numerous aspects that come in to play when someone is discussing it. Several of the factors that come in to play when considering it include family thoughts/rights, following living wills, religious concerns, legal aspects, health care expenses, and weighing the pros vs cons.
Families are in an extremely tough situation whenever euthanasia is brought up from family members or physicians (Brody). They have to be prepared to let a family member go if that is the decision made by the patient or by the family members in charge of making executive choices for the individual. Howard Brody said, “A patient seldom comes to a physician to request assistance with suicide unless the decision has first been discussed within the family, or unless the family setting…

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