Essay on European Thirst For Gold And Land

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European thirst for gold and land led them conquer the new world and fulfilled their own interests from the wealth of the land. After the discovering of the equatorial island of Principe and Sao Tome on 1480, the european demand of cheap indian labor increase and encourage the slave trade in europe. Meanwhile, on 1479 the castalian concessions granted the spanish crown the right to conquer any lands at the west of the earth and gave the east of the earth to the Portugueses. In 1492 the navigator Christopher columbus search of India led him to an unknown land, ‘the Americas’. The slavement of indigenous people and settlement of spanish colonies on the new world were set in the name of the queen Isabella and the king Fernand, “The Spanish Crown intended to protect Amerindians from abuse, but at the same time expected them to accept Spanish rule, embrace Catholicism, and conform to a work regimen designed to render Spain’s overseas colonies profitable”. (Lowcountry Digital World History LDHI). Spanish invaders continue brought with them new technological innovations, species of animals and Christianity, europeans do not only brought new innovations but blood to the new land. These unequal development between Europe and the American civilizations explain the lack of difficulty for europe to conquer the native civilizations, the process of colonization and spread of christianity was not exception in this river of blood. Many natives were killed by new diseases and wars…

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