European Knight Vs. Japanese Samurai Essay

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European Knight vs the Japanese Samurai

European Knights and Samurai of Japan have often been compared to one another. Upon comparison there are major differences is their armor, how drastically different ideas, philsosophies, culture, fighting styles, and weapons influence the design and progression of each technology. Values in each society share many of the same ideologies. For example, Knights honored a code called chivalry, and the Samurai honored the Bushido code. Common values shared by these codes include: honor, faith, and courage. Although Knights and Samurai shared similarities in terms of fighting styles and philosophies, they differed in terms of armour and weaponry. Samurai were the warriors class of Japan and were tasked with protecting nobles and landowners. The Japanese ideology of Bushido, “The way of the warrior”, defined the samurai class. Samurai were instilled with a deep sense of honor, loyalty, justice and courage to one’s self, family, and country. This sense honor consequently has carried through the centuries and can still be seen today in modern Japan. The armor that a samurai wore was among the finest protection of its time. Samurai wore metal plates protecting vital areas of the body. Furthermore, thick leather where metal was not suitable was worn along the arms and legs. (Conservation of Japanese armor) The armor was often fastened using silk or leather, and this helped save on weight (See figure 1), and allowed a greater range of motion…

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