European Immigration Problems

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The United States and Europe have been going through a lot of issues they share. The US and the EU both have migrations problems. The united states face issues with illegal migrants from the borders. Europe Have been facing a problem with a migration crisis over a few years. The US and EU both shared this problem because each is having it own effects on countries. The United States and European try to solve these problem and how they happen because of location of where they are, the culture and state of living in those countries.

The first country which a big grow from different cultures is United states. The United states is one of the biggest diversity is the country in the world and home to the American dream.The diversity from african
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IMMIGRATION BEFORE 1965) From this huge wave of migrants coming into america, there was laws that were set in play by the US government. The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. The Chinese Exclusion Act was to stop chinese from immigrating to the country . this because the US favored the European over the chinese. While the Irish and german filled up the US people began to dislike them and started a group called the Know Nothings. This group wanted to stop immigrants and Catholics to come to the US that they even got a candidate to run for president .Millard Fillmore. In the 1900s lots of regulations started to appear over time . The US government began to let states make laws for immigration policy for itself but after California new law which put the blame on chinese for decline in jobs for people. This got out of hand and the US government began to places a new law. In 1890 President Benjamin Harrison designated Ellis Island, Located in New york Harbor , as a federal immigration station.(History, U.S. Immigration Before 1965) This went on for 62 years and more than 12 million made in the US. European immigration during those year fell far after WWI US putting more stricter laws that

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