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Personal Development Portfolio

The following personal development portfolio of Rizwan Abubakar is established for a time frame of five years, starting from 1. June 2013 to 31. May 2018.

1. Executive Summary

This is a reflection of my development strategies for the next five years which includes my career plan, objectives, SWOT analysis, mission, vision etc. This also includes my enthusiastic involvement in many activities outside of the academic circle which is critical aspect of this Personal Development Portfolio. By doing this I will develop my understanding of differentiated instruction including planning lessons using principles from understanding by design, so that I will be able to reach a higher level of understanding
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2. Promoter(s)

2.1 Career Objective

The career objectives of myself are as follows:

Seeking a challenging role in management and film making using my skills and abilities
The ultimate objective of my life is to become an entrepreneur of a Multi-national corporation ltd. As a fresher I need to start from the basics and after completing my MBA and having no work experience but I’ve acquired skills from the academic which will enhance my potential in reaching my goal. I would like to seek a challenging position in esteemed organization, so as to prove my skills and abilities in a disciplined manner

2.2 Values and Value-Statement

The most significant values identified are….

Discipline, Equality, Respect to others and value others view, life.
To share my knowledge about people, management, and workplaces having a positive frame
To help people deal powerfully in their life
To guide people towards the path of success.
To serve people

2.3. Passion

The passion of MYNAME lies in …..

I’ve a passion for exploring the world. I like travelling new places and meeting people, I will look for a career which involves travel so that I can use the opportunity to explore different places using while I am working, I like trekking, hiking. Overall I’ve intense liking for nature and I love to explore natural

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