Ethnic Powers During World War II Essay

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Kicevo, Macedonia is located in the Balkan Peninsula and is one of many divisions of what was former Yugoslavia. Neighboring countries include Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria. This portion of the world has seen great changes in geography and culture for thousands of years. It was once a part of the great Roman and Ottoman empires, experienced occupation by the Axis Powers during World War II and has been a hot bed for changing political ideals and civil wars. In 1993, Benny Ballahzi left Macedonia for the United States in search of better opportunity. According to Mr. Ballazhi, this is common. Ballazhi stated, “Everyone is looking to head west to places such as Sweden, Italy, and of course the United States.” Today, Benny Ballazhi is a successful restaurant owner in the Decatur, Illinois area. Ballazhi attributes much of his success to following basic principles such as hard work and determination, to which Ballazhi believes, works best in a place like the United States. Ballazhi said, “If you can’t make it in the United States, you can’t make it anywhere.” I must admit, this was refreshing to hear. Fortunately, I was able to conduct my interview with Mr. Ballazhi at his own establishment. This allowed me to get a better sense of the pride Ballazhi has in his business and ultimately, the place he calls home, the United States.
Hofstede’s Value Dimensions (Macedonia)
Power Distance Macedonia is very much a hierarchical society. This indicates that…

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