Ethiopi Developing Country Areas Essay

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Ethiopia is a developing country located in Eastern Africa. In 2014, Ethiopia was ranked fifth place for having the worst education system worldwide. With Ethiopia 's substantial population and high poverty rate, making education accessible to everyone has been an ongoing issue. Although today, education in Ethiopia has improved and become more accessible, some issues such as money, school locations, and an inadequate amount of qualified teachers due to overpopulated classrooms still persist. By improving education in Ethiopia, more students will be able to continue their education and dropout rates will decrease.

Ethiopia, education is split into primary and secondary education. Children generally begin school at the age of seven. Primary education consist of first through eighth grade. Meanwhile, Secondary education is broken down into two cycles. The first cycle is called the "lower secondary," and it consists of grades nine and ten. The ages of students in these grades usually range from fifteen to seventeen years old (Woldehanna Tassew). The first half of secondary education comprises mainly of general education. The second cycle is called the "upper secondary" or vocational training, and it consists of grades eleven and twelfth (Woldehanna Tassew). This cycle is often referred to as pre-college preparatory education because the material taught is mainly to prepare students for higher education. At the end of eighth, tenth, and twelfth grade, students are…

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