Ethics Essay

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Ethics Paper
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Ethics Paper
Ethics and social responsibility are a part of any organizations strategic management plan. An organizations values and ethics will determine the organizations success. The responsibility of an organization does not end with making a profit. Many times an organizations decisions effect more than the organization itself. The decisions of an organization impact the environment, community, economy, and the world.
Organizations have a lot of responsibilities that need to be in order for an organization to become successful. The responsibilities include: economical, legal, and social responsibilities. Economic responsibilities are the processes that an organization uses to
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Social responsibility should be an important component to any strategic management process.
When you develop a strategic plan an organization must consider all risks , performance, strategies, and social responsibility policies as key indicators to develop the organizations strategic plan. The organizations stakeholders priorities and requirements need to be achieved through the execution of the plan. The organizations responsibility should be identified within the strategies and used in decisions regarding positioning of the organization within the industry. The organizations strategic alignment should be reviewed and corrected periodically if needed. The social responsibility policies and strategies should be in alignment with the organizations governance structures. The structures should be aligned with the organizations controls and transparency standards. The social responsibilities program of the organization should support the implementation of strategies and the governance design of the organization. Once the strategic plan has been drafted and approved by the key stakeholders. The organization should notify the public of changes in activities and performance. By notifying the public of activities relating to the social responsibility of the company the public view of the organization will change. A positive public perception of the organization will translate into increased profits which will in return satisfy the stakeholder’s agendas.
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