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Measuring of Crime

Stephanie Winget


Robin Clawson

Measuring of Crime

With having multiple ways of gaining crime statistics, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are the most accurate. Uniform Crime Reports, National Crime Victimization Surveys and the National Incident Based Reporting System are three ways of collecting crime data. However all three have different statistics that they collect.

Uniform Crime Reports One of the main sources of gaining crime statistics are Uniform Crime Reports, also known as UCR’s. These are crime statistics that are given to the FBI by law enforcement agencies on a monthly basis, based off of their reports. There are only eight crimes
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The arrest rates are the actual number of arrests that have been made in a certain amount of time then divided by the actual number of crimes. Just because someone has been arrested, it does not mean they have committed a crime. The clearance rates are the number of arrest cases in which charges are being made and that is then divided by the number of actual crimes to get the clearance rate. Recidivism is the act of a person repeating a behavior that is undesirable, even after they have had negative consequences from that behavior. This goes into an offender repeating a crime that they have already committed. This gives us the Recidivism rate.

Conclusion Crime and Recidivism statistics can very easily go hand in hand with one another. The fact that once an offender gets out of jail does probation time and is reintegrated back into society and then goes off and commits the same crime again, does not mean that the crime that they committed once again doesn’t get counted into the Crime Statistics. No matter how many times you commit the same crime that crime statistic is counted. Here in America we have many repeat offenders. Take drinking and driving for instance. In Wisconsin you get your license back time and time again after getting caught drunk driving. This just tells me that the laws in Wisconsin on drunk driving are not strict enough. I am

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