Essay on Ethics

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Medical Ethics
PHL 399
Summary # 3
Jeannie Taylor The topics encountered for this week’s readings involved stem cells, cloning of animals, the debate of human cloning, and gene therapy. Some terms that were new to me included: nascent, which basically means to be born; hubris which means full of pride; meliorist, which is a human’s effect on societal improvement; and the term despotism, meaning complete power or authority. In the reading on the President’s Council on Bioethics the council agreed that reproductive cloning was unacceptable. However it was not unanimous on therapeutic cloning. Majority of the council recommended a four year moratorium on research cloning and the remaining members recommended regulations of
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I feel that if the FDA has approved milk and meat safe for consumption this would be a great benefit to society. Our society deals with people starving on a continuous basis. The profit of having increased food supply would be a great significance. Therapeutic cloning used to get resources for different treatments rather than just for reproduction would be a huge asset in our world today. I would have to say that the moral principle of utilitarianism is the most relevant to my answer. This would produce the most happiness for the greatest number of people. There is a large number of starving and underfed people that make up our population. Goodness and happiness would be experienced by a large number of people. In Kass’s “Wisdom of Repugnance,” he insists on legally banning cloning. Kass describes cloning in three categories. In technological terms cloning is viewed as an addition to what already exist. Liberal deals with freedom and reproductive rights. In meliorist terms cloning is a way to improve human beings. Kass sees human cloning as repulsive and humans becoming enslaved to unregulated progress and its manufactured products. I can’t say that human cloning repulses me, but I would agree with Kass that a ban won’t deter the progress of basic genetic science and technology. I feel that it would change the parent-child relationship in a way that it would lack love and

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