Ethics Essay

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Ethics; PHIL 235
Prof. Susan Downs
James Quarles

The cultural relativism’s thesis about the nature and objectivity of morality explains that because there are so many differences about the ways of life between different cultures that there is no universal code for morality or what is right and what is wrong.inn the readings Rachels uses a quote that says, “The “right” way is the way which the ancestors used….” (Rachels, p.196) he uses this quote to help support cultural relativism’s thesis that’s explains that that what is morally right can only be determined by your culture. Cultural relativism is not an objective theory of morality. If the theory was an objective theory then Rachels would feel as though we would be able to settle
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Also the other argument a cultural relativist uses to support their view is that we can’t settle our moral differences between cultures we have no universal moral code.
The problem with the cultural relativist arguments is that their premise is valid but it is not a sound one. Based on the fact that there is a disagreement about who or what is right and wrong the cultural relativist believes that no right or wrong. The cultural difference perspective would say that we shouldn’t be so quick to accept the cultural relativist reasoning, just because there is a disagreement about something doesn’t mean that there is no truth for the matter. For example if two friends had a disagreement about whether McDonalds sells French fries, one person say that they do sell fries and the other person says that they don’t sell fries. Does that mean they neither one of them are right or wrong, the person who says that McDonalds do not sell fries because McDonalds actually do sell fries but just because the two people had a disagreement about the fact didn’t mean that McDonalds did or did not sell fries. The problem with taking cultural relativism too serious is that you wouldn’t be able to judge other cultures and because they do things different. Another problem of accepting cultural relativism is that the only way to figure out what is right or wrong would be to look at your culture and see if the rest of the culture is doing the same thing. For example if you

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