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What is Ethics? Ethics is the study of what is morally right or wrong, good or bad. Views on ethics can very from person to person, based on individual belief. There are several ethical theories, which include virtue, utilitarianism, and deontology. Each of these theories are very different, yet are similar in some parts. These theories can be used to explain the differences in how they relate to virtue, value, and moral judgment. What is virtue theory? In order to understand virtue theory first, one must understand what defines a person’s character. A person’s character can de defined as all of his traits put together. Character traits can be good, bad, or somewhere in between good and
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The utilitarianism is a point of view stresses the pursuit of happiness and focuses on maximizing the good and minimizing the bad. With this theory as it relates to ethics, the value of an act is to be determined by the amount happiness that this act will contribute to the greater good. Under the utilitarianism, theory a person would chose an act that would provide pleasure instead of pain. A personal experience would be the relationship of the theory virtue as it relates to moral values. I can personally relate to the virtue theory of thinking because I believe that ones moral character is not the way that it was. I personally believe in having respect for your elders however, the society today does not believe this character trait that is to be of the upmost importance. I believe this because my grandparents raised me, and I was taught, and firmly believe in the saying that “respect is due to everyone, even a dog.” For instance on a bus ride, a teenager would rather sit to be able to converse with friends instead of giving up that seat to the elder that has nowhere to sit. This teen would bother me because they do not value and understand respect. In conclusion, ethics is how one perceives something to be right or wrong. Ethics summed up, is the morals and value that determine the choices or decisions that people make. The three theories of ethics are similar in some aspects, but are very different in context. Understanding

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