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Evolution of Health Care and Timeline
Kary Tobine, Raevan Martinez, Rebecca Ornelas, Michelle Veasley, Malissa Krause
HCS/531 Health Care Organizations and Delivery System
August 17, 2015
Dale Mueller

Evolution of Health Care and Timeline

Managed Care’s Impact on the Quality of Care Theoretically, managed care was created to cut costs and improve the quality of health care. Reinhardt (1998) states, it was “designed to make the providers’ of health care more accountable for the quality of the health care they deliver.” Thus, selective contracting was initiated. Selective contracting gives health insurance companies the power to decide which hospitals and providers they want in their network (Jiang, Friedman, & Jiang, 2013).
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Based on the kind of services received an authorization would be required as well. The quality of services provided by physicians and hospitals has not been greatly impacted by managed care. According to Lepolstat et al. (2009), findings suggest only “1 out of 10 Americans report that the quality of the care they receive is poor.”
Societal Beliefs and Values of Managed Care
Of all the information found on societal beliefs and values on managed care, none of the information is positive. Societal beliefs and values did not have any influence on the changes at all. The people of the United States did not expect this kind of change to happen and they were not given a choice for insurance by their employers.
In the United States managed care finds itself under attack from all sides (Managed care: The US Experience, 2000). There is argument that managed care organizations provide sub standard are in order to save on costs (Managed care: The US Experience, 2000).
One of the issues with managed care is the constraints and controls that have been imposed (Managed care: The US Experience, 2000). This has resulted in outrage by physicians and patients (Managed care: The US Experience, 2000). Patients that had long time physicians are finding that their new insurance provider does not cover their current provider and they are being forced to choose another. Neelam

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