Ethics Essay

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Influences on leadership and management

Tom Raes

Subject: Leadership

Professor: Alasdair White

Date: 21/02/2013


Ethics in leadership and management is something that was something that existed in corporate culture, but pushed to one side. This gradually changed during the last few years where we have experienced multiple scandals. Even today we feel the effect of several decades of unethical behaviour in cultures, corporations and even sports. The world news is filled with stories of unethical behaviour. Acknowledging the growing importance of ethics I want to research it more in the essay below. I want to find an appropriate definition of ethics in Belgian culture. What is the impact of ethics
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Privacy is highly valued in Belgian society. There is a clear aversion towards moralizing, towards telling other people how they should or should not behave. Live and let live lies at the base of our philosophy.

Belgians make very little distinction between classes or social status. Everybody has the right to be taken serious. Respect and privileges are not attained by status, but is something that has to be earned. Scepticism towards government, the lack of about one’s own achievements may create the false impression that life in Belgium is not well organized. Though Belgians dislike discipline imposed upon them by supervisors, bureaucracy, ideology or religion, they compensate by hard work and self-discipline.

Uncertainty avoidance and ethics

Belgium scores very high on the uncertainty avoidance index from Geert Hofstede. Since this score is quite significant, the significance of this score has a great influence on the ethical behaviours in the Belgian culture.

Hofstede (1985) defined uncertainty avoidance as “ the degree to which members of a society feel uncomfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity”, which leads them to support beliefs promising certainty and to maintain institutions protecting conformity (pp. 347-348). To cope with uncertainty about the future, Belgian society creates rules to guide the behaviours of its group members. In Belgian culture, that strives

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