Essay about Ethics : Ethics And Ethics

1000 Words Dec 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Running head: ETHICS 1 ETHICS 4

Hieu Le
Columbia Southern University
BBA 4751

Ethics In the world today, businesses are dealing with several challenges, which include ethical behaviors, intensive competitions, financial results, and future of organizations. The majority companies always seek for their financial performance quarterly, annually, and estimate outlooks for the next coming years. Therefore, firms utilize different strategies to win business contracts, customers, and their bottom lines. Corporations with a high integrity, an ethical business conduct, and constantly improve their product and service to sustain and grow in the long-term. However, there are many companies often conduct unethical business, which include by using labor child in hazardous conditions with low paying job. Worst of all, companies use genetically modified organism (GMO) to growth their foods and products and distribute in the marketplace. Likewise, sale person manipulates the pricing of the product to gain profits. Consequence, human is commonly engaging in temptation actions to gain interests and possessions. Like temptations, ethical dilemma is a critical problem in the society that individuals are noticed and dealing with this…

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