Ethics : Ethical And Cultural Issues Essay

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As counselor it is important to evaluate ethical and cultural issues in order to act morally and in accordance to the law, as well as provide your clients with the best possible treatment and council. However this can be challenging at times. A case study depicts the scenario of James, a recent graduate, who now works as a school counselor. His new client Lisa, who shows signs of depression, disclosed to James that the depressions started when her step-father began to abuse her. She also mentioned that she has a half sister that is currently living with the abusive step-father. The following case study provides a realistic situation in which both, ethical and cultural issues have to be evaluated.
Ethical Issue Presented in Case Study The major ethical dilemma described in this scenario is Lisa’s disclosure of the physical and sexual abuse she experienced. According to Lisa her step-father started physically abusing her when she was five and a half years of age and shortly after also began to sexually abuse her. She informed both her mother and teacher about this, however no action was taken. At the moment Lisa’s half sister is living with Lisa’s stepfather. Since Lisa’s half sister is close to Lisa’s age when her abuse started, Lisa’s step-father might have started abusing her as well. Therefore the major issue are the welfare of Lisa’s half sister as well as Lisa’s, since we do not have the knowledge if her abuse ever stopped or if she is still living with her abuser.

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