Leadership Consultation And Ethics Case Study

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Leadership, Consultation, and Ethics
Describe how you would work within a professional treatment team to consult, triage, and treat this case. Include a description of the various members of the professional team with whom you would be likely to interact. Additionally, explain the roles and responsibilities of each member of the treatment team.
According to APA Ethics Code (2010), under 4.05 Disclosures, the evaluator can only disclose information by law only for a valid purpose such as to provide needed services, to obtain appropriate professional consultation and to protect client from hurting others and themselves.
In order to meet Danita best interest, it would be best that the evaluator work with a multi-disciplinary team. A multi-disciplinary
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According to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2010), under standard 4.06, a psychologist when consulting with a colleague may not disclose confidential information that could identity the client, but may disclose information only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of their consultation. In this particular case the evaluator is consulting for Danita’s cultural characteristics. During consultation, the evaluator is seeking understanding in Danita culture attitudes, beliefs and …show more content…
Some potential negative consequences to this ethical dilemma would be inaccurate information being collected. This may lead to misdiagnosis and misconception about Danita. If the evaluator is not appropriately consulted, the evaluator will have further harm Danita and have worked outside his scope of practice. This is clearly a violation to guideline 1.01 of the Specialty Guideline for Forensic Psychology (2013) where it states the forensic evaluator must strive for honesty during their practice of forensic psychology. It is also a clear violation to the Specialty Guideline for Forensic Psychology (2013) where it states that the forensic evaluator must strive to mange professional conduct in a manner that does not impair the rights of others. Due to this violation, the evaluator may be sued and stripped of their license to practice.
Another potential negative consequence is the evaluator becoming more subjective than objective. This will bring in personal feelings and opinions which may hinder the whole assessment

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