Ethics Case Study Essay

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Ethics Case Study
Susan M. Brandt
February 12, 2012 Professor Beryl Keegan
University of Phoenix/Axia

Ethics Case Study When we look at health care professionals they are immersed in ever-changing environments. In this case study it is important to know and understand how people face different situations within their everyday lives. Health care has been the main focus for individuals that have anything wrong with them such as an illness or a disease. People that are going through something like this go through a lot and they all have different ways of dealing with the issues. Organizational ethics should also influence both role conflict and mindfulness (Valentine, Godkin, & Varca, July).
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Jerry should explain to the patients that he is not authorized to issue any prescriptions of any kind. 2. Would it make a difference if the medication requested were for control of high blood pressure that the patient critically needs on a day to day basis? Why or why not? This is a question that could be tricky even though Jerry is not authorized to prescribe medication, but I think that yes it would make a difference because the doctor or the physician has to be the one to give the consent for anyone of the medical staff to even call in the prescriptions. 3. If Jerry calls in the refill and the patient has an adverse reaction while flying, is Jerry protected from a lawsuit under the doctrine of respondent superior? Both Jerry and his employer would not be protected from a lawsuit under the doctrine of respondent superior. Both Jerry and his employer would be at risk for malpractice. The doctrine of respondent superior states that if any employee commits an error that the employer is responsible because they are always responsible for actions of their employees. 4. My advice for Jerry My advice for Jerry would be to kindly explain to the patient that in his position he can not refill the prescription for him because he doesn’t have the authority to refill or issue any medications but that he could pass the message to the doctor or the receptionist when they return from

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