Ethics Case Study Essay

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Brock Mason Brokerage firm had a number of noticeable issues that played close to fraudulent practices. The firm has an explicit strategy of selling their products first and all the other available products second. Such practice along with not spending a lot of time talking with customers, selling stock that is not in the best interest of the customers, false advertising, finding ways to elude disclosure of commissions, and withholding pertinent information from customers before selling the product sends the message of untrustworthiness and dismay to the customer. Most people search for a brokerage firm with the intent of building a strategic partnership to assist in making good financial decisions. Whether they need advice for …show more content…
The end does not justify the means.
Kant’s approach would address the behaviors of Brock Mason brokerage and James Tithe with the big question; What if everyone acted that way? It would be safe to say that none of the brokers at the firm would be ok with someone undercutting them to make a quick and easy dollar, lying and deceiving them, or stealing from them or anyone close to them. The brokers in this case study seem to be self-centered which has no place in Kant’s categorical imperative. Kant believed every person deserves respect because he or she is a human being. So, any sacrifice of a person for the greater good for a society would be unacceptable. We can apply Rawls theory of justice in this case by considering the needs and rights of everybody. He believed we, as a society, should pay attention to the least advantaged to ensure they do not suffer excessively and they have the opportunity to enjoy society’s benefits as well. He also believed in fairness to everyone. Fairness should be the goal we must all work towards. Throughout the Brock Mason case, with all of the issues, the brokers could never see that they were being unfair to their clients and the organization. Unfair to their client because they were not providing what they advertised to provide. The clients should feel that they would benefit from purchase of

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