Ethics appendix b Essay

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In this case, there are several stakeholders including Borries, the manager, Borries' colleagues, Borries' girlfriend (Swee Lan), Swee Lan's family and the client. In the following part, it will be mainly focus on two main stakeholders - Borries and manager who are facing ethical dilemmas. What are the ethical dilemmas and what choices are available to them.

For Borries, the ethical dilemmas that he is facing are whether he should go on a holiday to meet Swee and her family, or cancel the holidays and go back to work as the client had high regard on his work.

Ethical theories
Based on Egoism, an action is morally right as it serves the interests of the actor. Since the holidays were
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Ethical theoires
Based on Deontology, the manager respects Borries and takes him as a person not a tool because manager at no point suggested that Borries would face sanction for taking his holiday and Borries has the right to take the holidays. However, being a manager, he has the duty to accept the job from the client and find Borries back to finish the job.

Based on Feminist, the manager cares about the relationship with Borries, he wants a good working relationship with others. Also, he only emphasized the importance of the client and the high regard they had for Borries' work instead of giving him punishment if Borries takes the holidays. He gave the options for Borries to choose instead.

Based on Utilitarianism, the manager should call Borries to finish the work instead of calling for others to pick it up as other colleagues have no responsibilities to help. To deal with this, the manager can compensate Borries after work. This beneficial to different parties, first, other colleagues no need to work more and second, the company will not lose the important client and lastly, this may good for Borries' career as the client had regard his work.

In my opinions, different ethical theories bring to different decision making. I think Borries should take the holidays as he promised Swee and her family and they will not be upset. Borries has the right not going back

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