Essay about Ethics And The Ethics Of Ethics

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Ethics is often a difficult subject to get a clear understanding of. In order to begin to understand Ethics, one must understand that their isn’t just one concept of what is ethical for everyone in the world, which is the critical aspect of Ethics. Different culture, beliefs, and societies define what Ethics is to them. My personal understanding of Ethics was always fairly basic. It was very plainly “what ever the right thing to do” is. Although I had taken an Ethics class in high school, it wasn’t clear then, and I still have struggled to determine what is ethical. In my journal, I found that we often only discuss an ethical issue when there is enough controversy to get known. Issues such as discrimination, abortion, and worker rights have all found their way to have been heard. I wanted to find issues that, although they have have been heard at one time or another, people could understand that their is more than one side. To begin my journal, I decided to focus on specific issues that I would find relevant to my future career. Its no secret that the Criminal Justice Agencies face some of the most ethically challenged choices and decisions that anyone could ever be asked to make. Countless numbers of lives are in the hands of these people and it is often easier to follow the “letter of the law” rather than the “spirit of the law” or even their own beliefs in how to handle situations. I believe that our society has allowed this system to become very dehumanized. I also…

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