Essay on Ethics And Social Responsibility On Business Law

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Ethics and social responsibility are two important aspects of business law. In order for companies to be successful, putting these concepts into practice is a must. From rules, to regulations, to standards, business law incorporates it all. Part of running a successful business involves knowing every detail associated with the law. Along with that comes a social responsibility and ethical performance that is expected by society. The topic covered relates to specific companies that went against these rules and regulations to try and accomplish selfish goals. This information is significant for a businessperson because such examples portray topics that any businessperson may encounter.
Understanding the background of ethics and how it ties to businesses is important because people have had to make ethical decisions before businesses were even created. Over the years, ethics has become more prevalent in the decisions that businesses make. This transparency that is sought out by individuals makes ethics an area that businesses must be aware of when making decisions on issues. Prior to 1970, business ethics had not yet fully developed into its own category. However, due to extensive debates about law versus ethics during the Civil Rights movement, people started to become more aware of the long-term negative effects unethical decisions can have on society (De George, 2012). This trend of ethical observation has continued to develop from focusing on societal issues to…

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