Essay about Ethics and Greenwashing

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Ethics can be defined as a set of moral standards, relied on to reach conclusions and decisions. Within a business environment, ethics play a large role in sophisticated decision making. Maintaining an ethical nature within a business can benefit both the internal and external stakeholders within the business.

Ethics are genuinely shaped as you mature and grow, and are significantly influenced by both your surrounding environment and the people around you. Your ethical viewpoints continue changing and evolving over time as a result of the different people you expose and interact with as well as the change of environment and situations you can find yourself in. Business ethics are genuinely based on the way in which positive benefits can
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In National Geographic magazine, in 2004 Ford Motor Company attempted in convincing its readers of its environmental commitments by announcing the launch of a new model car, the Escape Hybrid SUV and the re-modelling of one of its factories, one of their advertisements read, “Green vehicles. Cleaner factories. It’s the right road for our company, and we’re well underway.” What Ford wasn’t able to tell its readers, was that its company only planned on producing 20,000 of its Hybrid SUVs per year, whilst continuing to produce 80,000 F-series trucks a month. As well as this occurring, just prior to the campaign release, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that Ford had the highest fuel economy of all major automakers. In this failed attempt to gain an environmentally friendly image, gave the company first prize of America’s top ten green washers of the year.

Green washing is a misleading activity, which attempts to deceive the consumer, forcing us to think companies care about environmentally safe practices, more than we originally once thought. Not all green advertising is false, obviously. The continual use of green washing could lead to consumers becoming sceptical of legitimate corporate environmental success. Hence well meaning companies who show legitimate compassion towards environmental sustainability, have every reason to be frustrated with companies who green wash as they are affecting them in the long term, If one

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