Ethics and Corporate Governace Essay

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Ethics and Corporate Governance: Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction 2
Definition of Ethics 2
Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 2
History of Ethics 2 Socrates 2 Plato 2 Aristotle 2 Cynics 2 Cyrenaics 2
Business Ethics 2 Nike 2 McDonalds 2 Enron 2 Wal-Mart 2
Why Business Ethics is Necessary 2
Conclusion 2
Bibliography 2

This assignment is a brief over view of ethics in the modern day era. It begins with a definition of ethics, followed by a concise explanation of corporate social responsibility. Ethics has evolved over a number of decades and still is to this day, with that a short history of ethics will be demonstrated in this assignment.
Ethics determines
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Corporate social responsibility is frequently used interchangeably with social enterprise, corporate responsibility, corporate ethics, maintainable development, corporate citizenship, sustainability, triple-bottom line, and in a number of cases corporate governance. Though these terms are diverse, they all aim in the same direction. Right through the developed world and in several developing countries there has been a quick growth in the social roles corporations are likely to play. Corporations are facing new demands to engage in public-private partnerships and are under increasing pressure to be responsible not only to shareholders, but also to stakeholders such as consumers, employees, suppliers, local communities, policymakers, and the society-at-large.
Idle firms and governments can sometimes apply the existence of corporate social responsibility programs to reduce their responsibility. Governments mostly hold the responsibility to level the playing field and warrant public welfare. In a bid for corporate social responsibility to work, governments and the private sector have to obtain an understanding of the balance of public and private responsibility and widen new governance and business models for creating social value.
(Harvard, KS. 2008)
History of Ethics

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