Essay on Ethical Viewpoint

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Bioethics Interview 1

Bioethics Interview
Jennifer D. Williams
HLT-520 Legal & Ethical Principles in Healthcare
Dr. Damien Brandeis
April 13, 2011

Bioethics Interview 2 Individuals find themselves having to make important decisions every day. Unfortunately situations may occur that prevents a person from being able to make a decision about their medical care. The decision can be a legal or ethical one. In the medical arena someone has to make this tough decision. The decision what to do would be easy if everyone put in place an advance directive or living will. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations had to come up with ways to deal with ethical issues revolving around impaired or incompetent
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The end-of-life question and no family to make decisions for mentally challenged patients are two of the issues this committee has had to make a decision about. The end-of-life dilemma can be a difficult and challenging issue for health care professionals. It evokes strong emotions and cause conflict among individuals. The ethical part of this situation is the patient should have the right to decide whether they want to continue on life support in certain cases. One case they
Bioethics Interview 5 are discussing involves a competent patient who is refusing life-saving dialysis treatment. The patient’s family wants the hospital to force the patient to receive the treatment. A suggestion for this patient would be to make sure he has a living will in place in case he becomes unable to make the decision to refuse treatment. This will make sure that his wishes will be honored. The end-of-life issue does not have to be concerning an unconscious patient. The ethical thing is to allow a person the right to decide whether they want a treatment done or not. The committee’s investigation resulted in the patient being competent enough to make a decision concerning his wishes. One of his reasoning was he did not want to leave a huge medical bill for his family to be responsible for. The other issue was putting in place someone

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