Essay Ethical Theories : Ethical Egoism And Rule

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The 23andMe mission is to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome (“Our Mission,” n.d.). However, the Food and Drug Administration’s concerns regarding our at-home genetic reports could jeopardize the company’s ability to fulfill this mission. There are limited options in resolving this matter; we can meet regulatory standards and earn FDA approval, completely abandon the at-home reports and seek another way to fulfill the 23andMe mission, or continue to provide these reports and escalate the situation with the FDA. After careful consideration of the benefits and risks for the company, adapting the at-home reports to meet regulatory standards will resolve the issues with the FDA, fulfill the company’s mission, and grow the company while providing the largest net good to consumers and wider society. In determining this solution, the issue was analyzed primarily through two ethical theories – ethical egoism and rule utilitarianism. The analytical process begins by finding the solution that best benefits the company’s long-term best interest and then affirming that the given solution abides by societal moral rules to generate the greatest net increase in happiness. This approach allows the company to focus first on the benefits and risks to its bottom line, which gives a less abstract framework in which to analyze the dilemma. If we consider not only the financial bottom line but the triple bottom line, which includes financial, social, and ecological…

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