Essay on Ethical Issues Of Nonprofit Managers

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In dealing with ethical issues, nonprofit managers face a whole host of challenges that defy a simple choice between right and wrong. When there is no obvious way of prioritizing responsibility, resolutions of such dilemmas require careful consideration when looking at ethical options, so that decisions serve not only to the immediate problem but also align with the organization’s mission, values and ethical code. Speaking from personal experience, I have often observed a dilemma when a charity has received a donation of tickets to an event under the pretense that season tickets would be offered to the general public in an attempt to raise awareness and donations for the charity through the use of a raffle, or auction. Instead, these tickets were used to entice a donation from a wealthy donor. The dilemma is, while the tickets were in fact used to solicit a donation they were not used in the manner which was agreed upon when received by the charity. Non- profit managers are often faced with dilemmas not usually faced by other for-profit counterparts. This may be because they are driven predominantly by social goals, as opposed to goals associated with maximizing wealth. Research shows evidence that the problems experienced by non-profit organizations are all very unique and distinct. These include ethical issues such as: accountability to sponsors, donors and funding institutions, internal HR issues, internal ethical reporting, compliance, and conflicts of interest.…

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