Ethical Issues Faced By Physicians Essay

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In today’s high pressure health care environment, the physicians are facing several challenges to attain the expectations of their patients and society. The ethical issues faced by physicians will be covered in this qualitative research, are on end-of-life-care, and palliative care. Therefore, these ethical difficulties, study findings will help for health care organizations for outcome the solutions on patient care decisions, advance directive or substituted judgment. It is essential for care providers and health care professionals, to understand the medical ethics and law to deal effectively in difficult situations. The ethical challenges at present in the U.S. health care system and other country 's health care system are increased due to diverse population & the globalization. In reality, where there are many differences in the dealing with health care ethics situations due to cultural, societal, and economical variations.
Qualitative research & methodology is a better way of finding the solutions on ethical issues because it provides disciplines, fields, and subject matters in such kind of research. “A complex, interconnected family of terms, concepts, and assumptions surround the term qualitative research (Marshall & Rossman, 2016, p. 6)” It is also important for care providers and health care professionals to understand medical ethics and law. Major changes to medical ethics were made since the 20th century after World War II due to inhumane medical practices on…

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