Ethical Implications Of An Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma (Part One)
Health care professionals deal with a myriad of ethical issues on a daily basis and often, these are convoluted matters. Euthanasia, commonly defined as an intentional act of hastening a patient’s death, is one ethical issue that concerns end-of-life care and its complexities are highly emotional and contentious (Sanders & Chaloner, 2007; Ersek, 2004). The American Nurses Association’s (ANA, 2013) position on this controversial issue forbids nurses’ participation in euthanasia as it opposes the duty to provide compassionate and humane care. However, nurses still need to employ an ethical process when confronted with this dilemma to appropriately care for these types of patients. The purpose of this paper is to describe this issue and its ethical implications, the impact it may have on social values and nursing practice and how a health care provider might apply an ethical principle to address this complex problem.
Voluntary euthanasia is one classification of euthanasia and is a term used to describe a process or an act of expediting the death of an individual at their own request (Ersek, 2004). It’s an act with an intention to end one’s life to relieve them of further suffering and is sometimes misunderstood and used incorrectly. Sanders & Chaloner (2007) stated it is more appropriately defined as assisted dying, which has an influence on healthcare practice as it elicits valid ethical questions. The controversy revolves around…

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