Ethical Ethics : Ethics And Ethics Essay

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Ethical Overview With more and more people in this world, to make ethical decisions. An ethical decision is made over ideas that are of a moral foundation. These ideas are also lead into ethics which are very big aspects of human life. There are going to be many different types of ethics in life, and those are political ethics, business ethics, and economic ethics. With these different ethics that influences one’s ability to make a decision. Ethical theory refers to “the processes that philosophers have derived that people use to make ethical decisions” (GCU, 2016). The three parts of ethical theory are normative ethics, applied ethics and meta-ethics. Moral judgement is affected by a person’s decision on what ethical theory they are using. Moral judgement is a process that results may, or may not defer action based on individuals’ ability to control their human nature, what their world view is, and their choice of ethical theory uses. Using ethics is a vital part of life it is a way someone shows they are thinking deeply about a situation; there are different ways people will use that to show judgement and worldviews. In this essay will discuss how human nature forms ethics, meta ethics and ethical theory, concluding with actions of moral judgement, and when a Christian world view is applied in a situation.
Ethical Theory Ethical theory is something that all people will face in their lifetime with the ethical decisions they make. Ethical theory is defined as being…

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