Ethical Effects Of Study Drugs

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Study drugs are worming their way through college and university culture. The pressures of this academic lifestyle can become too much for some and some seek the benefits of study drugs. Study drugs are generally used by individuals with conditions such as ADHD. They improve focus in these individuals, but when those who do not have these conditions use study drugs the same effect usually happens. "Some students taking Adderall off-label find they spend hours doing nothing more productive than reorganizing their music collection. Another group, more stupefied, will research a paper obsessively, but endlessly postpone getting down to writing it. When they do manage to grind out essays, the results are, unsurprisingly, unconvincing and verbose" (Kolar 324). If ultimately these drugs are advantageous, these drugs would not be morally or ethically correct for certain individuals to have this advantage over other students. The purpose of this research is to analyze (1) the medical effects of study drugs and (2) the ethical and moral aspects of using study drugs.
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These narrative accounts are available to the public but other college students may be able to relate the best. The majority of the accounts focus on the use of these drugs in colleges, there are also accounts of these drugs appearing in high schools. This makes the use of study drugs a larger and much more widespread problem. The accounts are very real in the aspect that the submitters describe their journeys and explain/critic in hindsight the choices they’ve made regarding study drugs. The statistics and numbers regarding study drugs can say one thing but the experiences of individuals can broaden the view and insight of this topic. This source adds the very real aspect and effect of study drugs on students throughout the

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