Ethical Dilemma Part B. Gladwell Kamaru Essay

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Ethical Dilemma Part B
Gladwell Kamaru
Midamerica Nazarene University
Ethical Dilemma Part B
In the previous paper I wrote how I would resolve the ethical dilemma surrounding the case study on Wilma. Upon communications with a licensed professional mental health counselor, reviewing the AMHCA code of ethics as well as the ACA code of ethics, and including moral principles a counselor ought to follow through I made a final decision. The final decision would most likely be determine by many factors. For instant how competence I am in handling Wilma’s case, suppose I wasn’t knowledgeable, leaving me to impose more harm than good. According to moral principle non-maleficence and the AMHCA code of ethics. If Wilma ultimate choice was to have an abortion I would refer this case to another counselor is more competence and well adjusted to handle the case. Also I would terminate the relationship after the first session explaining my decision to the client. I would also refer the case to another counselor assuming my personal values and perceptions put me in a place where I cannot fulfill my job.
However, provided I was competence enough or say ready to challenge but counsel Wilma into a choosing adoption or keeping the child. I would definitely continue the counseling session, explaining to the client the limits of confidentiality as a minor accordingly the ACA as wells as AMHCA code of ethics. Consequently, adhering to the moral principle of the…

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