Ethical Dilemma And Ethical Dilemmas Essay

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No one is immune to avoiding ethical dilemmas or issues. Ethical dilemmas are situations where it is difficult to make a decision on what is the right course of action, whereas, ethical issues are difficult social questions within society on what is the right thing to do (Pollock, 2015). Ethical dilemmas are personal in nature and entice strong internal struggles as to what is morally right based off of the possible consequences. In my own life, I have been faced with several ethically compromising situations where I struggled to determine what is morally right. This situation identified multiple emotional and intellectual responses, my actions taken and influential factors, as well as potentially the different responses that could take place.
The ethically compromising situation where I found myself struggling to determine what was the best course of action was when I moved down to Lethbridge to attend school. I was enrolled in the criminal justice-policing diploma and was moving in with four other friends who were attending school at the University of Lethbridge. My roommates and I all moved from our hometown Camrose, where we all went to high school, as well as played on multiple sports teams together. Since we were all so close and Lethbridge had multiple options for everyone, it seemed like a perfect option to find a place and live together. Since my aspirations were to obtain a future career within the criminal justice field, not just my schooling needed to…

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