Essay on Ethical And Moral Behavior : Dick Couch

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Dick Couch writes a thought-provoking book, A Tactical Ethic: Moral Conduct in the Insurgent Battlespace, which details a growing problem in the United States military, i.e. maintaining ethical and moral behavior on and off-duty. His supporting arguments are society emphasizes behavior not conducive to promoting positive ethical behavior, malignant personalities in the ranks spreading negative behavior, and the ambiguity of the asymmetric warfare fought today. He provides anecdotal evidence supporting the US military’s methodology to combat these trends. However, his true strength lies in the combat stories of ethical dilemmas related to him through soldiers serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and advice given for junior officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs). The two greatest weaknesses of the book are a lack of emphasis or attention applied to the responsibilities of senior leaders as well as the “real-estate” of the book applied towards Close Quarters Defense (CQD), the Navy’s hand-to-hand combat training. While Couch utilizes his example of CQD as a method the Navy employs to teach discipline and ethics, he devotes 10 out of 113 pages of his book to it. Instead, I believe the book could have been further strengthened by commentary on the failures existent within the mid and upper-tier leadership ranks within the military; specifically, toxic command climates and unethical behavior albeit non-tactical in nature. Nonetheless, Couch’s final chapter…

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