Essential Tools For Good Academic Writing Essay

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Essential Tools for Good Academic Writing.
I just finished my junior year in High school where I had to write probably more than 20 essays during the school year. While I was writing essays in my junior year, the most important thing was to analyze the sources that I was using to find arguments and information. Analyzing is very important because when I write, I find connections between the writer and myself (the reader) to create arguments for my essays. When I write there are some values that are very important for me and one of them is knowing the topic because I would be able to persuade the reader to believe in what I am writing. With persuasion, the reader will be able to analyze the writing. When I write taking ideas from others is something that I do and explain them in my own works. But most important is to give credit to the responsible party for the ideas. A good essay is when there are good arguments with good evidence to support what is being argued within the essay. An essay is good when the writer has/creates good reasoning within the essay. A good essay needs to have a connection to my thoughts and I need to feel what the writer is feeling in his words. I care about the information that the author conveys to me, but is preferable when the author has a solid idea and great knowledge on the text because is going to be easier to know what is going on in the essay. Adding to that a solid idea and good knowledge is also an important aspect of reading because…

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