Essay for Tour Abroad

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Inside the classroom we can listen, read, write and talk about different countries, their culture and their laws by using our imagination. Here our imagination only sets the limit. But the tour that our law department is organising with the help of DAAD will offer us to see the outer world with our open eyes. This type of tour will provide me an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about Germany. This will offer me an opportunity to go beyond the class room to experience new culture. This will be a very short spanned tour, different from ordinary study tours, different because within 14 days not only we will be given lectures but will also have the time to tour Germany and time to explore its culture. During this time we will be given …show more content…
Visiting a foreign country open up one’s eyes to how the rest of the world lives. Some people return home with an appreciation for their own country, but those who inspired from the foreign country return home with the reason and the secret of their progress. So touring a foreign country can be a life altering experience for me like anyone else. Man learns from experience. The world is an effective classroom. Class room learning is rewarding but consistent and long hours of class room lectures can sometimes be a daunting event. An option for study tour anytime during the course of study can be exciting and fun experience for the students. People desire to travel abroad so that they can take the exciting adventure to discover the new lands, meet the native people and enjoy the food and culture there. One of the most attractive features towards me is architecture. In particular the architectural design between the east and west is quite different, and each country has its own specific architecture. Therefore it will bring enthusiasm and high satisfaction to me when I will set foot in the strange nation.
The other benefit that is attached with foreign study tour is that one is exposed to different culture. It entitles one to know similarities and differences between different cultures. It also enables one to develop skills to immerse and mix in new culture. One may become appreciative of other cultures, instead of instinctively

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