Essay Should Parents Spend Their Leisure Time

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Most of children usually want to spend their free time to relax or do things which are not useful for them .Therefore , to prevent children spend all their leisure time on useless things , parents should plan their’s leisure time.
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There are a lagre number of children will choose playing video games , reading comic and watching TVs instead of reading books or playing some sport activities. They may think they have right to relax after a long week in school, but sitting front of TVs or lying in bed all day are not good for their health and development. Parents can suggest them playing outdoor sports ,reading books or learning how to play a musical instrument. Besides , from what parents tell them to do when
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For example, they can take their children to some family events such as Christmas or New Year parties. They can learn about social behaviors when they see other relatives do things like saying “thank you “ , “ sorry “ and “please”. Children tend to mimic others so this is a helpful way to teach children how to become a well-behaved child. Secondly , some parents usually have their kids do housework so that they can learn how to do that in the future. They have to live far away from home or will become parent someday . Thus, it is necessary to teach them how to clean the house , clean their clothes and cook a meal at young ages. By arranging children’s leisure time , parents can invite their kids to help make meals or ask them to clean their own …show more content…
If they are forbidden to do things they like which are not really bad , it will affect their psychological development. For example, they can watching TVs , playing games , reading favourite comics for two hours / day after finish their homework . There are so many comics , games and cartoons which contain meaning story are good for children . As Karen Stephen wrote in her work : “If never given leisure time to think their own thoughts and make their own plans, how will children get to know who they really are — separate from what others tell or teach them?” (Adequate leisure-time is essential for children) .Parents can help their kids choose which once is good for them instead of control them. In addition , if they are forced to learn all the time ,they will start feeling frustrated , fatigued and pressured which can lead to depression. Children should be allowed to do things they like after school in order to feel relaxed and more attentive when they start learning again. Obviously , those such breaks might enhance their attention level. Therefore , parents can use some mild suggestions or advices to tell their children what they should do instead of forcing them do things in which they are not interested

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