Essay On Working Women In The 1930's

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Women had obtained just the right to vote in 1920, but they still struggled for basic rights. Then the Great Depression hit with women being the last one hired and first one fired. Women often had stereotypical jobs, like teachers and nurses. Their income was also much smaller than their male counterpart. Colored women had the largest endeavor trying to receive respect in the workplace. There is even proof of editorials warning women that the workplace was for men only. The editorials also told women that their job was to take care of the children and keep their husbands happy. Therefore, the 1930’s halted progress for women in the work force. When The Great Depression hit, women's role in the workplace was quickly changing. Women's place in society as working women was still heavily frowned upon. The jobs women could choose from would be clerical workers, teachers, nurses, telephone operators, and domestics largely found work. So while in the 1920 women's employment rate doubled from the war the number quickly shrunk back down due to 24% of employed women in the 1930s. …show more content…
Of professional women three-quarters were school teachers or nurses out every ten of these working women were in domestic or personal service. Of professional women three-quarters were school teachers or nurses (Baughman 15).
This quote is conveying that the working women in the 1930s did not have many opportunities as men in this era. Women still had little to no options for work because of the negative overtone that women should be stuck at home cooking and cleaning for the family. This thought that women should be at home continued until the war in 1940. While most women in the decade were starting to protest sexist companies for not hiring women it wasn't this area where it made the biggest of changes, hence how the Great Depression suspended the progress for women in for women in the work

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