Essay On Women In 1940

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In 1940, was a time dramatic change for women, because males have always been the main gender known for their work in the war, but in 1940 the myth of men doing war work changed. Woman started to do what men did. Over six million women answered the call to serve their country in war, but to be able to do this work they had to sacrifice kids and male love. This was a chance to change the history.
“I felt like I was doing something for my country” said women who worked in the war, but before the war woman didn’t work and weren’t encouraged to work because of the depression. For America, women working was considered as taking a man’s job who really needed it. Suddenly, the government needed women to work, but it was a problem because they had to change the mentality of Americans, that it was okay for woman to work. In 1940, 50% of women were working outside home and they were working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. During this time wonder woman was a huge symbol to woman because she was a normal woman than she would change into a hero and fight the Nazi army.
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During war, men would call a woman by “comfort woman” to men, women would help them forget about the worries or stress of the war they would use a woman. Even though Americans have the right to freedom of speech, woman weren’t able to say anything, and if they did speak up they would be denied and told that they didn’t care or okay.
After the war finished for the first time in history all branches of the army made groups for woman. Woman helped build war planes, army cars and weapons. The roles of woman in the US military was they were x-ray technicians, there were uniform checkers, and they were teachers to solders. Woman’s life has changed since the war it has showed Americans that woman can do everything men, from war effort to being teachers,

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