Argumentative Essay: Women's Fight For Equality

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As far as women themselves, have come a long way in gaining equality. Although women are not exactly equal to men, they can play and take roles of men. There is always that saying “if he can do it, I can do it better. Women have fought for their rights in many things they are apart of today and for their beliefs in what they feel and think is right. They have fought for their oppression, to be equal to men and now have gained many opportunities in playing and being male roles.
Women fighting for their rights is what it has always been about. They have come so far in gaining the right to vote, work, run for president, play different sports, divorce, live and now are given the opportunity to even be in relations and marry the same sex. As far
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For some it is a cultural thing and then leads to being literal and for others it is love. According to the Bacha Posh video, women were veiling in their countries to hide themselves from the men because they were not equal to men and could not do things men were able to do. Many pretended to be boys at young ages to help support their family if there were no male support. In Kabu, a nine year old girl named Shabrina dresses as a boy for months and named herself Zabid. She did this to help her father with food who lost his leg in the war to help the family even though she does not like dressing up as a boy. Jack, a twenty five year old woman was dressed as a boy at the age of three. In Afghanistan it is against their religion for women to wear men’s clothing, when they get to a certain age they are supposed to go back dressing as themselves, a girl. The adoption of the Bacha Posh guise and identity by a girl is in most cases temporary, usually ending with the onset of puberty. With being dressed and perceived to be a boy, Jack only knew how to be a boy and didn’t know how to be a girl. She would take her sister around and pretend they were together in order for her sister to get out and do things she would not be able to do because she is a girl. Jack was interested in girls but did not want to take on the title of being gay or a lesbian she’d just prefer being someone who is in love. A fourteen year old girl named Mariam has been a boy since the age four. She only wears a veil to attend school. For girls, going to school is a privilege. She loves playing tennis and plays in the national women’s team. She wanted to be the older brother of her sisters since her father was not around to support her and her family. Nahid, another girl from Afghanistan dressed like a boy since six. Forced by society che became a girl again but would have rather

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