Essay On Vocal Cord Dysfunction

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Vocal Cord Dysfunction
Evaluation and Outcome of Conservative Treatment
Objective: This article reports evaluation of 30 patients with Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) and the outcome of conservative management program including voice therapy and breathing exercises.
Study design: A prospective observational follow up study. Methods: Thirty consecutive referrals of refractory asthma patients and patients presented by laryngeal symptoms diagnosed as having VCD were assessed, treated and followed for at least 6 months after treatments. Results: 53% of patients had adduction of vocal folds during inspiration, 50% had posterior glottis congestion and 95% had constriction of supraglottic area during inspiration. There was highly significant
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VCD may represent a spectrum of diseases with psychological and non-psychological causes neurologic diseases and gastro-esophageal reflux with vocal cord dysfunction represent some of the non-psychological causes. The psychological causes range from simple depression to a subconscious conversion reaction.
On numerous occasions there are affected individuals without evidence of any psychopathology. The main trigger factor for VCD associated with psychological causes is emotional stress. Non-psychogenic trigger factors include all common asthma triggers such as dust, cigarette smoke, exercise, occupational irritant exposure, upper respiratory tract infection, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) & misuse and abuse of voice. VCD is most prevalent among young women aged twenty to forty years and is thought to be primarily psychological in causation [7].
Maturo, et al. [8] assumed that the diagnosis is based on case history and the visualization of the abnormal
(paradoxical) movement of the vocal folds

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